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sebastjan bartol 2011 music sheet tanniyan oreyssom

Here is another "leftover" from "Tanniyan Oreyssom" with title "What is Above". One of many takes but song was never finished. For now this is the only version (Date: July 2011). In the March of 2011 we put out takes from recordings of Vatomica`s 1st CD.

twist sebastjan bartol

This is a new cut from a new song,which have a working title "Twist of the Wrist" (video file) ,

on which I am working right now and my girlfriend recorded me when I was working on a solo and of course I did`t know that because I will be dressed properly for ocassion (ha ha ha) in a saturday evening and for shure this is not a final cut if I know myself enough! I will tell you more about thesong and for what is it for in a few weeks! (Date: 3th of March 2007)

shot calamity

from "Backyard party " CD! This is me practicing "Calamity" for fun, first take and no editing at all, you can`t see my right arm because I didn`t take the right angle,but what the f**k, this is the charm of the first take!

gtr fs2003

Shot of doing "Re-alive"(video file)

from "Substitute for a Heart" album. This is another take from FS 2003 and here I`m playing limited edition Iron Maiden stratocaster, Made in Japan and with Floyd Rose vibrato. Great guitar and not only for their fans!

shot fs2001

improvisation at Fender Show 2003. This is my version on Rabin`s "Owner of a ... " which I was doing on Fender show presentation in Celje at summer of 2003! We actually had 6 or 7 shows in 10 days from Murska Sobota to Izola! It was a lot of fun here playing Squier skate guitar with some hot Saymour Duncans, Floyd Rose vibrato and Fender Deluxe 90 amp and that`s all!

fs2001 fs2001

Shot of "Mr. Too important" (video file) from "Delay in Life"

album noodling on Fender Show 2001 Here I`m playin` Fender Squier Showmaster on Fender Prosonic Amp through a few Boss pedals for some colors (Super Overdrive+Turbo Overdrive+Digital Delay

album "Event-Extreme" at Fender Show 2001 Another shot from FS2001 but this time one shot of noodling a song from "Event..." CD! Strange song for saturday morning but I can` help it!