This is finally my web site what are you looking with your eye! I must say this is totally uncomercial site and I don`t want to sell anything and I don`t want to teach you something new like all others want to! So don`t be afraid! You are clever enough to choose your own way of life and music to play, why I should try to push you what you don`t like!?

Here is some music from me through the years and I can tell you there is nothing to bring me some money or make me important! If the internet is bad for business and is good for informations then there is maybe something good and everything is good for something and for somebody!

A few years back we were strugling to buy a new album from some artist but in this days a kid go to the net and got it for free and get it information about music which he interested in. Yes this is good, but who is interesting in music this days and no one realy want to think about music or even listen it after all!

So push it, turn the switch and do something for yourself too and don˙t be trendy and pointless, don`t follow the crowd, be someone else doing something else! Enjoy!