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At the end of 2007 I began working on a project which was in my head for a very long time. Can I make a track with total free software!? When I was discover "Reaper" sequencer I got almost everything for that project. And you can registered it for resonable price, if you want it, so it is almost free and it works the stuff you will ever need. I hope so!

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"Reaper v2.103" Cockos Incorporated 245 8th Street San Francisco, CA 94110"

"...unless you are 100 percent happy with your current MIDI + Audio sequencer, you'd be a fool not to give REAPER a try. " -Martin Walker, Sound On Sound Magazine

I want to show how can everyone record his own ideas and give them to friends and other people... but for free. I remember when I was recorded "Calamity`s Stories", twelve years back and I have no money for equipment but I got a tones of songs and ideas! I never was realy satisfied with tracks, because I want much more, but equipment was so expensive that I couldn`t afford it! It was a nightmare and I am still dreaming of doing it much better! Of course you must have all the necesary hardware for this but that is also much cheaper now like it was back in those days. But put this behind! I didn`t want to record some old songs again, so I was write the new one.

lanpressor"Lanpressor" VST ver.1.01

"You Can Find Me" is my tribute to all people which made stuffs and someone use it for free and is a product of totally free will and open mind. I also make by myself two VSTs; "Lanpressor" (compressor) and "Lanscope" (I call it also "atmospheric synth"). Lanpressor is compressor with drive control and peak meters for all frequencies for easiest dealing with. These two are basic and first versions and I will put out for public use beta versions for everyone who wants it. All other stuff you can find on the "Tools", for this project, but you must look for the free one! Drums are made with "Twich" drum machine which have sounds of Boss DR550 and Yamaha RM1X which I love the most when I recorded "Delay In Life". So there is no secrets we got everything out there and there is no excuse for making tracks (ha ha ha) and enjoy the music creativity for yourself too! There were usually hardware stuff from my "flat" too.

Rok Matek is on vocals again and this is our third project together and we realy enjoy working this one too. He was also right on time for every session we made together! My son put some voices on one sequence of a track and song is dedicated to him!

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